This summer we travel to Limburg for a festival that opens hearts. Prepare for an adventurous journey through personal treasures with inspiring workshops, beautiful performances and bio vegan meals.


The theme of this year:
I, WE and Into the World


In the workshop programme you can choose one out of three paths. Take a dive into the mystery of existence, challenge yourself into the the magic of real connection and find your passion with what you wish to manifest into the world.


The I- path
Who am I actually? How do I stay myself in all the chaos around me? We take a magical dive into the mystery of our existence within the colourful variety of workshops.


The WE-path
What is a true connection? How can I open myself for the other person while staying true to myself? In the WE-path we connect with each other in a playful, loving and sometimes mirroring way.


Into the World-path
What is my place in the world? How can I manifest my passion in this world? In the programme full of lectures, workshops and constellations we learn more about our value and how we can enrich ourselves and the world with it.



A broad range of musicians and DJs will take the stage and allow you to softly dream away or get completely carried away in their rhythms.