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Every visitor is required to be aware of the UP Festival house rules below.
By entering the OpenUP Festival area you automatically agree to these rules. In case you have questions, doubts or comments, please get in contact with the OpenUP Festival organisation; 

Daily visit
Day visits are not allowed, it is only possible to attend the full length of the festival.

To get access to the festival, you need to have a valid entry ticket. Tickets are available through this website. Each purchased ticket has a unique code and can not be copied.

We do everything within our power to make everybody comfortable and feel safe. However everybody is responsible for themselves and for their own well being. Please contact 'Sfeer Beheer' (Mood Control / Security) in case there are questions about safety. They can be recognised by their orange vests.

Cancellation Policy

In principle, your ticket is non-refundable. However, you can sell your ticket to someone else. Two points of attention:
1. When you sell your CoCreation ticket, please notify, so the team leader can contact the new CoCreator, in connection with the team formation.
2. Do you wish to change your regular ticket to a CoCreator ticket? That's possible. We will pay back the difference. After that the CoCreators' coordinator will contact you for further details.
If you have further questions, please contact
For more info

Alcohol and (soft) drugs are not permitted on the festival. We aim to create a safe environment with optimal conditions for inner growth. It is also not permitted to be under influence of alcohol or drugs while being at the festival. In case this is noticed, your access to the festival will be denied.

Parents themselves are responsible for the safety of their children when the children are not participating in the children's workshop programme.
There are many water areas. Make sure your child wears a swimming vest when they play close to the water or make sure you have good visual contact on their whereabouts.

When you have a condition that might get triggered by the open trans-formative activities of the festival please inform us beforehand, so we are aware of your well being and can also ensure the safety of other participants. There is a team of psychologists and a doctor that can be contacted if needed.

After 11 pm it is sleeping time. A lot will happen at the festival and a proper rest is a needed requirement. After 11 pm there is still a dance room in the castle. Outside on the camping and on the farm area we kindly ask you to be considerate of people who wish to sleep.

It is often hot during the festival. Your well being might be affected by dehydration. Therefore we kindly ask everybody to drink enough. Water and lemonade is free and always available near the Tea Tent.

There is a special smoking area at the festival, that is the only place where you may smoke on the entire festival area.
Tobacco is not sold at the festival.

Coins (UPPIES)
Drinks and food can be purchased with our UPPIES currency. These coins can be bought at the info-desk where you can pay cash or by bank card.

Video and photo cameras are present during the festival, they are part of the OpenUP PR Team and take photos, video and audio recordings for promoting the OpenUP Festival through different media types. In case you have objections to being photographed or recorded in some way please inform our camera people. Also, in case you still see yourself in a recognisable way, we will do our best to remove you from our media platforms, if possible.

Image rights
By participating and entering the OpenUP festival area you agree that the OpenUP organisation can use images and audio recordings of you for the promoting of the OpenUP Festival.

Valuable items
Lockers will be present at the festival area. Visitors themselves are responsible for their own belongings. The organisation can not be held responsible for theft, damage or the disappearance of belongings. The organisation advises not to bring valuable items to the festival and/or leaving it in the car or tent.

Leave at home:
Soft-drugs, hard-drugs, pets, (alcohol)drinks (liqueur), glass-works, (plastic) bottles, cans, paint cans, flares, professional foto-, video-, audio-,  equipment.

First Aid
A 24-hour emergency post is present on the festival terrain. Here you can receive first aid for small injuries, like splinters, abrasions, blisters or more serious accidents that require contacting the ER.

Audio volume
There are no enormous sound systems at the festival. Still there can be loud music during certain live performances. The organisation can not be held accountable for any damage to your hearing or other physical well being. The organisation advises to wear ear plugs during the music performances.

The festival is car free. Vehicles need to be placed in the designated parking space. Vehicles that are blocking or hindering may be removed due to fire department routes and regulations. There is a big parking space where every visitor can park their vehicle. The parking area is free of charge.

There is a limited amount of campers places/tickets. These can be purchased together with your normal tickets. Campers can receive electricity if needed.

Own risk
Accessing the OpenUP Festival area, you agree to be self responsible. The OpenUP organisation and fellow contributors (CoCreators) can not be held accountable for any material or physical damage that might (have) occurred during the time of the festival.

When the OpenUP organisation notices that boundaries have been crossed, you may be removed from the festival area. We ask your cooperation on this.

In situations where these rules are not suitable, the organisation may decide what would be the proper action. These decisions are binding.
When the home rules of OpenUP are not being administered or respected, it may result in being removed from the festival terrain and access to the festival area can be denied.