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The upcoming OpenUP Summerfestival is from Wednesday 28th Juli until Sunday 1st Augustus 2021.
For CoCreators Sunday 25th Juli until Tuesday 3rd Augustus 2021.


Prizes participants

5 days ticket
 until 30th April Earlybird € 359,-
until 30 June Sale  € 409,-
normal  € 475,-
food €  60,-
camper €  25,-
child € 179,-
3e child (discount) €  60,-
food child €  60,-

Prices CoCreators

10 days ticket
 until 30th April Earlybird € 209,-
until 30th June Sale  € 249,-
normal  € 309,-
food  € 90,-
camper  € 50,-
child € 139,-
3rd child (discount) €  60,-
food child  € 60,-

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Cocreators genieten van het magische cocreatie-proces. Ze bouwen samen het festival op en zijn gedurende het festival verbonden aan een team. Met dat team draait een cocreator verschillende diensten. Daarnaast is er natuurlijk genoeg ruimte genieten van het programma. Lees meer op de pagina cocreatie. 


What to bring?

Clothes that are still beautiful, but you no longer carries. Take them and put them on the exchange table on the market. Take attributes to make the area even more beautiful (pictures, garden gnomes, flags, glass balls, etc.). If you want the stuff back after the festival, then put your name on. Have/play your self a musical instrument? Take it, the more sounds the more joy. Have/play your self a musical instrument? Take it, the more sounds the more joy. For a creative part of the Friday afternoon we invite you to bring festive clothing or attribute in which you expressed your new Story. And pull the most fun game out of the closet to take with you for an activity for children of all ages.


Arrival and welcome

On Wednesday you are welcome from 10 am. You sign up do you at the gate. Take a printed copy of your ticket for the control (vouchers on smartphones and the like are not sufficient). You have no ticket for any reason, then you can do your payment on the spot, in cash or by pin. Upon receipt of a wrist strap should you come by car, the terrain to your tent. To do this, follow the signs and the instructions of our staff.



For a smooth flow, we ask you, after unloading your stuff, your car directly on the large car park. Love when setting up your tent account with neighbors and available space. Follow the instructions of parking guides and helpers on the field. Have you booked a room in the Castle, then please register your interest at reception of the Castle, main entrance, first room on the right.



There are several camping sites: the silence camping (no sound of instruments and electronic equipment, silence after 22:00), the large campground, camper/caravan site, the family camping (required for festival-goers with children under 6 years of age). Tip: If you come with small children? Then make sure you near State of other parents, with which you can share the care during the evening hours. So you can still take an active part in the evening program.


Late arrival

You will arrive after 12:30 p.m., Park your car than just outside the fence and sign up first at the information desk.


Info tent

Do you have questions, would you like a map of the terrain, uppies or vouchers can buy you can contact the information desk. This is located in the Castle, first room on the left.


UP currency

Payment during the festival is done by UPies is the Princess. The values of the colored UPies:
Blue ½: €0.50
Yellow: €1.00
Red: € 2.00
Black: €5.00
Do you have at the end of the festival UPies, then you can redeem them at the Info tent. There is an ATM to UPies and vouchers to buy.


Food during the festival

The team of Conan takes care of 3 x per day a vegetarian/organic meal for us. There are eight serving points and there is a special children's table with food. Everyone is in 20 minutes with a delicious meal! The food for the little kids (custom menu) is served, for all others to 06.15 pm to 6.45 pm. In addition to a number of food trucks by external providers buy snacks. You pay with Uppies for these extras.
Please note that there should not be cooked on the camp site related to fire safety. Tents and campers are close to each other.


Program workshops / music / Balance & Support

The program info can be found through:

During the festival you can read what is on offer on the program Board of the day is. We recommend you not to plan too much workshops ' in '. So you can feel in the moment where you know you need it (and that is maybe an afternoon of fiddling). You can on the Balance & Support-field a massage or healing books. Vouchers you buy at the info tent.



  • There is a security team that 24/7 Please note our safety. We make all the festival, so all eyes and ears guarding our security. See if you can hear something not hear, please notify than at an employee of ' Atmosphere management ' (with the orange vests) or call 06-2649 8499.
  • The first aid station is located in the Castle. There is always someone by phone via 06 3801 1581. Also, is there a doctor present at the festival.
  • You may only smoke on the designated place on the festival.
  • Please note that the site is full of water. There is surveillance, but you keep as a parent responsible for the safety of your child (ren.) Have your child/ren no swimming certificate? Care than for a reddingsvestje or ' butterflies '.
  • Check regularly for ticks, we are in wooded area. When in doubt, visit the first aid post (prevention is better than cure).
  • Fortunately, there are many trees on site. Despite fine maintenance by the administrator, there remains the danger that branches fall off in high winds. Be prepared for.
  • Emergency exit course: follow the signage on the field, and/or indications of our employees.
  • Car: don't leave anything of value in your car. The large car park is located fairly remote and there is no supervision. "Car locked, booty look like".
  • Alcohol and drugs are not allowed on the premises.
  • It is prohibited at all times to cook on the camping sites.


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