OpenUP is a CoCreation Festival, which means it is completely created with the help of volunteers. CoCreation is another word for creating together, where each and everyone contributes to the whole, either practical or creative. We call volunteers; CoCreators.
To have another great festival, we ask all CoCreators to actively participate in the buildup of the festival, we enjoy all the great moments and then leave together when everything is cleaned UP.
In general every CoCreator gives about 5 to 6 hours a day for the UP festival. The Teamleader will create a schedule for you, in your free time you can participate in workshops, relax or have a great time somewhere. Have a look at 'CoCreator Teams' to see all the different UP Teams out there and be a member of.
Questions about registration or CoCreation in general, please contact

lampionnen m 

Find your prefered CoCreators Team:

Info Tempel
Bouw & Sjouw
Crea Team
Open Space
Mooi & Schoon
Koffie & Thee
Flying Angels