Three paths, one festival

OpenUP is a heart-opening festival in Baarlo (Netherlands) which takes place July 24 till July 28. In addition to theater, live music and DJs, you can also explore your inner treasures in a wonderful workshop adventure. We want to change the world and we realize we can only do that by changing ourselves. That is why you can choose one of the three paths in the workshop program. (Me, We and The World) You are your own master! Furthermore we celebrate life with a variety of live music, theater, Ecstatic dance, sound healing, DJs, an exotic tea tent, surprising acts, ceremonies, a children's playground and delicious food.n Welcome!

OpenUP Festival

Het OpenUP Festival staat symbool voor een nieuwe wereld, waarin we met elkaar verbonden zijn en onze talenten tot bloei laten komen. Kunst, muziek en spiritualiteit komen samen in een magische omgeving. Met inspirerende workshops, live optredens, healing sessies en meer.

22 t/m 26 juli 2020
(voor CoCreators - 19 t/m 28 juli 2020) 
Meer info volgt begin 2020. 
ik pad

The I- path

Who am I actually? How do I stay myself in all the chaos around me? We take a magical dive into the mystery of our existence within the colourful variety of workshops.


wij pad

The WE-path

What is a true connection? How can I open myself for the other person while staying true to myself? In the WE-path we connect with each other in a playful, loving and sometimes mirroring way.


wereld pad

Into the World-path

What is my place in the world? How can I manifest my passion in this world? In the programme full of lectures, workshops and constellations we learn more about our value and how we can enrich ourselves and the world with it.



OpenUP is a CoCreation Festival, which means it is completely created with the help of volunteers. CoCreation is another word for creating together, where each and everyone contributes to the whole, either practical or creative. We call volunteers; CoCreators.


Kasteel de Berckt
De Berckt 1
5991 PD Baarlo
Floris Koot

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Your stay

You can stay in your own tent, this is included in your ticket price.
It is also possible to book rooms, so long they are available. There are extra costs for this.

Amount of days

The summerfestival is from Wednesday to Sunday, it is not possible to participate a shorter time.